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Hi evereone today I faced with task "edit sitemap" in big customization with other solution. After research I found two working solution it is Sitemapeditor but today is not supported and XRMTOOLBOX.



Project Description
SiteMap Editor for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 helps developer and customizers to configure the Site Map in a graphical way.

You'll no longer have to create solution, add component, export, update Xml and reimport the solution to update the SiteMap.
Application Prerequisites
This application requires the following components installed:
  • Framework .Net 4
  • Windows Identity Framework
How to use this tool
Read the documentation to learn how to use this tool

Application Screenshot
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Project Description
The goal of this project is to provide:
  • A single application to launch all tools I developed until now
  • A fastest way to create new Tools (for me and for you)
The tool itself does not embbed any business logic, it just displays all tools in a list, manages connections to CRM organizations and provide the possibility to open these tool in a single interface. It comes with a public interface that allows any developer to write its own tool as a library. The tool reads all assemblies in its folder location that implements the public interface.
To learn how to develop your own tool, read the documentation
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